What’s inside a wall!!

Its not a lonely world, but i choose to be…..Diff thoughts!!

Some times wen u see people somewer, u miss dem so badly…it really hurts….they mite b nobody bt dey vil turn out 2 b smebdy 2 u… it hurts…

Sometimes you recognise tht really u have no friends to share… u r alone and it really surprises u…..

i think i have thousands of thoughts and things eating me and i have nobody to share it with….. i feel so bad…. im feelin so lonely….
People say that they have lots of friends and so do i…. but im recognising that i don’t have any…. im alwys to myself….
The secrets i have are al within me, i havent shared them… it seems to be depressing but i have to still go on….
Sumtms u r ur oly friend. watevr i talk is not said to one person alone, almost all of my ‘just’ friends know it….

So i acknowledged that i havent shared my deepest fears, stories, secrets, happiness with anybody…. Im and will always be a lonely person….

What i go thru and what i have gone thru is just memories that i shud b updating myself… and vil continue to do so……pray 4 d rest of my life i stay intact but not fall apart!!

PS: Sory, it may not b too pleasing to read and its done in short form…


What to say? What is the use? What are the consequences?

What is the use of telling, will they change, can they, is it good, what should i do but i have to do something or else the very meaning of that word which everybody holds to their heart will get destroyed!! I wont allow that, i need to tell and im the only one who can tell.

Friendship, the very special meaning of this word is “Care: give and take, trust:truthful till the very last, anger: its good to correct each other, understanding: to know each other, Fun: for enjoyment and each other’s happiness….

BETRAYAL: Only when the other person discloses your secrets, shares it with someone else, finds the worst person to share it and enjoy the gossip.

Nobody betrays their friends and i pray that nobody does! If anybody has, please don’t ever do it…


Dont go in search of light, but be the light all the way while you walk! Great beautiful thought shared by the priest in my church.

I lament the way many of us accuse each other whilst they themselves are being inhuman and intolerant. Why dont each and everybody of us understand that there is only one life- A life gifted to bring happiness and love for others but not to destroy it by means of misunderstanding, grudge and anger.

Every morning i feel that there are more of negative thoughts shared that makes your mind filled with vacant thoughts and brings hatred in yourself. Neither a good thought shared, nor a smile received, the day goes on becoming miserable and painful and leaves you weak to take a step forward.

The emptiness of the words and the expressions of those you care the most brings the helpless self into a pitiful condition. So be the light as you would expect from others.

Confused!! Will i reach there??

Funny, really funny………Nothing is getting right, im waiting for a call but nobody is calling, im waiting for a message but nobody is messaging, im waiting for a sheet of paper but the paper has not yet been prepared…….Im waiting for a long, long time……..Cum’on let the things get ready, i pray, its long time!!

Patience, is something i shall never learn.. Take it too far and beyond its limits, its absolute cowardice. The fates turn in such a way, that i need to be patient….. But im waiting for long. Im worn out, restless, confused… Again and again i wait…….But lol, its all the same…Is it God’s will?? Oh yes, i know that, he guides me, loves me, protects me but then still still im impatient to get what i want….Im asking just these…….Please give me God, please…..Let me go for once, just once……..

Let it all get fixed, its time….Since years i have been dreaming for a long stride through the paths i have forgotten.. I need to walk again, remember the memories, enjoy the closeness, be prepared to see the last of what i have dreaded that i will see one day…..Im waiting, i will wait, but let it be ASAP, i pray again………

Broken?? I dont like to fix it again!!!

Once broken with my knowledge, whether it is a utensil, a piece of paper torn, a chamber of secrets lost or a friendship broken; i prefer to let it go nor try to fix it up….

Brought up in a family that pampered me all the time (till i was grown up), i always preferred to show off my goody self rather than my bad. Known to be a good girl and with all the pleasures of life thrown to me from a young age i preferred never to destroy anything and was accepted in the family as a child “who was careful with her things, disciplined, studious, ‘left things with her, nothing to worry about’ “. So as such acknowledged by my parents and my only sister, i was very careful in handling my things, my finances, my friends and everything what i was accustomed to in my daily life.

Whatever be the circumstance i always enjoyed the situation and handled it to my satisfaction, all the while making sure that it doesn’t effect me, though it effects others but never to destroy it completely unless i wish to do so. And as the word goes, ‘A change is as good as the rest‘, i always prefer to stop anything come my way when i feel that there is a need to destroy it.

And that is how i like to break everything and i have done it so far..My decisions are not taken in just a mere second…it takes real time for me to decide- what i have to do, should i bear with it, take advice from others and when i find all is well, i go for the perfect break up!!

So listen don’t mess up with me, i will break it when least expected!! ha ha

If there is nobody, you are nobody!

Am i coming to know that im totally sick and helpless because of my own friendly, beautiful eyes!
I just cant believe it. How can any of the doctors be so silly and make the light, the beauty, the power of the body to such a desperate state! Should i sue them? should i…..

Oh i think you need to know the story…..last day i had been to the eye hospital just to change my contact lens and feel deprived of the one and a half year old  lens that was causing a lot of pain to my eyes. With an idea of how much it may cost and knowing it as one of the top hospitals( from my friends), i thought of taking a good checkup rather than going to other hospitals where i never had an idea of how perfect they would come out with the results. And as such i was given an almost satisfactory test wherein i felt i wont be happy at the end. And that thought was really true!!!

They prescribed for me a lens of 1400(as that is the usual cost) and as i never had a spectacles for a short period, i thought of purchasing the good-goody specs that i felt would be a change after my long days of wearing only contact lens the whole day. The specs cost 3600, but to my disbelief on reaching home, i understood that both the lens and the spectacles was causing me headache and much more pain than the old lens.

I was totally shocked and overwhelmed with fear knowing that i had become bankrupt for a wrong cause. I talked about it to my close ones and felt that i need to get it fixed before i could damage my eyes.  Listening to their advice, i went to the hospital to demand either the whole payment back or to replace what they had given. But in vain, i found that they are were not going to listen to any of my troubles nor going to replace it with another new lens. They had only one thought and that was to make more profit out of my pitiful condition. They switched onto the topic of ‘making me buy a new lens on my own cost’.

I got really annoyed, just sat up there and gave a big philosophy about how their intentions of serving the nation or providing customer service would be totally useless if they are doing it the wrong way! When i felt that i couldn’t stand any more, i just took my bag and left off, promising that i would make them pay for this.

And thats how i called up my cousin and told her about what had happened which lead her to tell aunty and fix out the problem. Aunty said that she knew a guy from the hospital and would tell him to fix everything right, but alas i found that, it was the same guy who had checked my eyes and had lead me to buy a new lens.

But as soon as he came to know that i was related to my aunty, he was in a helpless state and admitted his fault , promising me that he would do everything for me and told me to come back again provided i should not tell any other staff in the the hospital that he was doing it for me. I was happy at one instance but the next instance i felt really bad, when i realised that how many of the  ordinary people are going through the same ordeal without nobody to help them out.

Becoming Unavoidable these days- Online Reputation Management

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