What’s inside a wall!!

Its not a lonely world, but i choose to be…..Diff thoughts!!

Some times wen u see people somewer, u miss dem so badly…it really hurts….they mite b nobody bt dey vil turn out 2 b smebdy 2 u… it hurts…

Sometimes you recognise tht really u have no friends to share… u r alone and it really surprises u…..

i think i have thousands of thoughts and things eating me and i have nobody to share it with….. i feel so bad…. im feelin so lonely….
People say that they have lots of friends and so do i…. but im recognising that i don’t have any…. im alwys to myself….
The secrets i have are al within me, i havent shared them… it seems to be depressing but i have to still go on….
Sumtms u r ur oly friend. watevr i talk is not said to one person alone, almost all of my ‘just’ friends know it….

So i acknowledged that i havent shared my deepest fears, stories, secrets, happiness with anybody…. Im and will always be a lonely person….

What i go thru and what i have gone thru is just memories that i shud b updating myself… and vil continue to do so……pray 4 d rest of my life i stay intact but not fall apart!!

PS: Sory, it may not b too pleasing to read and its done in short form…


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